FiestaBar 3.0

Make money online by watching ads and subscribing to offers
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Adds a bar on your Windows desktop that displays ads from various publishers. Watching the advertisements and signing up for the offers they depict will gain you bar points which in turn can be turned into money according to an individually assigned pay rate.

Get paid to surf the web by downloading the FiestaBar. This is unobtrusive software that allows the user to earn money while surfing the web. Stable and resource-efficient, it displays ads from our partners for you to view and sign up for the offers provided. Run the FiestaBar while you are online and earn bar points, which are converted to cash according to your individual payrate. Increase the payrate for the points earned from the Special Offers at
It makes you real money!
We?ll pay you to view and explore ads displayed on the FiestaBar.
Start making money right now.
It can be positioned on the top or the bottom of your screen.
It can be hidden at any time.
It can be turned off at any time.
It can be uninstalled at any time from the control panel.
What it has:
Streamlined installation process.
Registration right from the login screen.
Easy-to-use and understand.
What it is NOT:
It?s not spyware: It can?t monitor your online or offline activities.
It?s not malware: It can?t take control of or damage your computer.
It?s not bundled with other software. All you get is the FiestaBar.
About the ads:
No annoying pop-ups - only banners within the FiestaBar interface.
No redirects to sites you didn?t intend to visit.
No illegal or sexually explicit ads.
No ads unless you start the FiestaBar.

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